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Virtual airshow to feature big names, big fun


Aerocycle provides aircraft owners with a comprehensive management package for disassembly, part-out, teardown and recycling services for end-of-life aircraft. Olivier Cote Photo

FAA issues directive for A220 engines

When Summit Air first certified the Avro RJ85 (shown here) for gravel operations, the company hoped the effort would be worthwhile. Today, Summit has the market cornered on all jet-based, fly-in fly-out work in the Western Arctic. The company now operates four Avros – two RJ85s with 90 seats and two RJ100s with 111 seats. Brian Tattuinee Photo

Summit Air: Exploring change

A Fairchild FC-2 Razorback at Camp Borden, Ont., in 1927. The Razorback was in service with the RCAF from 1927 to 1938 and was initially designed for aerial photography. Camp Borden–now Canadian Forces Base Borden–in Ontario was the birthplace of military aviation in Canada. DND Photo

RCAF marks 96 years of service

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    The website says that selling Canada's airports to private, for-profit investors would increase travel costs for passengers, remove local voices from airport boards, and undermine Canada's economic competitiveness. GTAA Photo

    WO Ron Demchuk, a load master with 435 Transport and Rescue Squadron based out of Winnipeg, watches for any issues as a CF-188 Hornet utilizes a CC-130 Hercules refueling aircraft to top up while conducting an exercise during Operation Nanook in 2017. Cpl Anthony Laviolette/RCAF Photo
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