Airbus seeing ‘momentum’ on A220


De Havilland reborn in Downsview

A Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner in WestJet livery flies over a cityscape.

Old story, new ending?

At AirSprint, the Legacy 450 carries a purchase price of US$550,000 for a one-32nd share (25 hours of access annually). The fractional owner also pays $88,000 a year in management fees and a rate of $3,800 for each occupied flying hour. AirSprint Photo

Compelling Economics

With the list price exceeding $200 million, each Dreamliner represents a large capital investment for Air Canada. Photos by Brian Losito

Dream performer

Critical Juncture

NewLeaf joins ULCC race

Northern Co-operation

Bombardier pauses Lear 85 program