Adapting for the Mission

TSB reiterates call for flight recording devices


The Legendary Lancaster

Since Canada first announced it would purchase 28 Cyclones from Sikorsky in 2004, the pace of progress has picked up significantly in recent years as 12 Wing and Sikorsky work to bring the Cyclone into service. Lockheed Martin Photo

Cyclone achieves IOC

Sunwing welcomes the MAX

Several people stand on steps outside parliament buildings, holding Unifor flags.

Unifor talks aerospace in Ottawa

Factory floor photo with aircraft being assembled

Weed and the Workplace

Swoop airliner in flight

Bare Bones Travel


Dancing with Jack Frost

The new mentor, cadet and instructor programs--exclusive to SOAR partners--create a career pathway for pilots and students into the Air Canada network. Air Georgian Photo

ATAC mounts lobbying push in Ottawa

Handy flies his red and white Pitts Special S-2B

The Pursuit of Passion

Niel Wilson, Nav Canada president and CEO, said the transformation from a government-run air navigation service provider to a privately operated model presented some significant challenges. Photo courtesy of Nav Canada

Navigating progress

MSB Design’s new up-lit crystal glassware holder was displayed in the Gulfstream G500 at NBAA 2017. Gulfstream Photo

MSB highlights innovation at NBAA 2017