Flightdeck Solutions founder Peter Cos pioneered highly realistic paper trainers for the Airbus A320 in the early 2000s. His passion for flight simulation led him to grow a basement hobby into a thriving business, with the help of his brother, Steve. Shown here is the company's fixed-base A320 procedural trainer. FDS Photo

Solutions through simulation

“This airplane is complexity squared,” said Peter Allen, chairman of Orbis Canada. “You have the aviation regulatory environment, but then you also have medicine. You can’t just fly into a country and practice medicine. You have to get approval from federal health authorities in these countries.” Rob Reyno Photo

A remarkable vision

Northern operations are different by nature. When it comes to regulation, NATA is advocating for performance-based rule making, where the regulator acknowledges and accepts an individual operator's proven procedure. Janos Englert Photo

NATA outlines current priorities

Meet Robyn Shlachetka of Missinippi Airways

Advocating for airports

Breaking barriers

Combating the stall


Flying the last frontier


Leading the way

This year, Air North is celebrating its 42nd anniversary and Joe Sparling, president and CEO, can look back over more than four decades of steady, measured growth. Air North Photo

Meet Joe Sparling of Air North


Problem solvers

Bringing history to life

Sidney, B.C.-based Viking said it has acquired enough production space in Calgary, Alta., to handle an aircraft the size of the CL-415, formerly manufactured by Bombardier, which has a wingspan similar to that of a Boeing 737. Gerard Joyon Photo

Simulating the ‘SuperScooper’

AMEs unite to create strong national voice

D-Day bird to fly again

A TEAAM triumph