Domestically, Air Canada said it plans to service all Canadian provinces and territories during the month of April. The carrier’s CEO said the COVID-19 travel restrictions are having a “cataclysmic effect” on the airline industry. Alvin Man Photo

Canadian air operators and the COVID-19 crisis

Cargojet operates across North America, utilizing a fleet of all-cargo aircraft. Michael Durning Photo

IATA: Airlines in liquidity crisis

Voodoo shoes

Air Canada has asked Transport Canada and the CTA to revise the proposed rules to avoid consequences such as higher airfare. Nick Chute/Threshold Images Photo

ATAC president outlines 2020 vision

Jazz Approach: A powerful partnership

Often, air taxi operators have no set schedules and fly into remote areas in uncontrolled airspace, with few aerodromes or navigation aids and sparse weather information. Simon Blakesley Photo

TSB aims to reduce air taxi risks

The Canadian corporate operators on our panel reported their aircraft each fly around 400 hours per year. Annual utilization is holding steady or even increasing, they say. Embraer Photo

Business aviation: A matter of perception

Pilatus unveils the PC-12 NGX

Dawson Hagens Photo

Cultivating organic growth at Spectrum Airways

Flightdeck Solutions founder Peter Cos pioneered highly realistic paper trainers for the Airbus A320 in the early 2000s. His passion for flight simulation led him to grow a basement hobby into a thriving business, with the help of his brother, Steve. Shown here is the company's fixed-base A320 procedural trainer. FDS Photo

Solutions through simulation