An Ace and a fighter


An Investment in Capability


Bird on a wire

Charles Lindbergh accomplished his historic New York to Paris flight in 1927. His monoplane cost US$10,580 when purchased from Ryan Airlines of San Diego, Calif. Today the EAA's highly authentic Spirit of St. Louis replica is a stark reminder of Lindbergh's skill and daring in the context of 1927 technology. Parr Yonemoto

A flight into yesterday

Returning to 2 Canadian Forces Flying Training School (2 CFFTS) in Moose Jaw, Sask., after an absence of 30 years, author Rob Erdos found that nothing had changed and yet everything was different. Technology has delivered several improvements, but the cultural fundamentals of military flight training remain unchanged. Mike Reyno Photo

Striving for Perfection

Discovering Cessna’s light jets: The Citation M2 and CJ3+

A Jet for Every Occasion

The M350 is the latest iteration in Piper’s successful PA-46 model line. Jim Barret/Piper Aircraft Photo

Pressurized piston cruiser

Skies was invited to Honda Aircraft Company headquarters in Greensboro, N.C., to fly the HA-420 HondaJet, which proved to be a pleasant, well-engineered airplane; an assembly of clever and practical innovations, each contributing to a very impressive capability.

New jet on the ramp

Touchscreen simplicity comes to the King Air flight deck with the addition of the Rockwell Collins Pro Line Fusion avionics system. Among its features are intuitive graphical flight planning, high-res synthetic vision, a multi-sensor flight management system, and integrated touchscreen checklists. Textron Photo

A touch of glass

Flying Learjet aircraft in the cloudy sky

Icon Refined

Citation Latitude, in flight

Stand-up performer

Time Machine

Aces for hire

High-Tech Schoolhouse

From the eyes in the Hurricane

Super Midsize Winner

Soaring with the Snowbirds

Flying a Legend

Living Up to Its Name?