WestJet Encore's Bombardier Q400s offer an affordable, quick and comfortable option for leisure and business travellers looking to hop back and forth between the island communities in B.C.
The CH-148 Cyclone is set to replace the CH-124 Sea King as Canada’s main shipborne maritime helicopter. It will also conduct surface and subsurface surveillance and control, utility and search and rescue missions, and will provide tactical transport for national and international security efforts. DND Photo

CH-148 Cyclone returns to limited flying

Kirsten Brazier (left) will receive the honorary Doctor of Technology degree at UFV's morning convocation ceremony on Tuesday, June 6 at 9:30 a.m. at the Abbotsford Centre. Scott Lough Photo
Greg McConnell, national chair of the Canadian Federal Pilots Association (CFPA), said the most “sobering” element from a recent survey of his membership is the prevailing fear of an imminent aviation disaster. Shown here is an Air Canada Airbus A320-200 that crashed in March 2015 at Halifax Stanfield International Airport. TSB Photo

TSB releases Air Canada Flight 624 report

The Snowbirds fly in formation with mountains in the background

Snowbirds put airshow season on pause

Desktop computer with screen shot of Skiesmag.com homepage

Trudeau asked to abandon Super Hornet plan

The tailboom baggage protection kits are constructed from leading edge material, specifically design to absorb and attenuate energy while providing operators with a weight savings when compared to popular protection alternatives. Alpine Aerotech Photo