Lafayette, LA based PHI is acquiring Montreal, QC-based HNZ’s offshore helicopter business that it conducts in New Zealand, Australia, the Philippines and Papua New Guinea. North American offshore operations will continue under HNZ. Previously, PHI and HNZ provided offshore helicopter services under a joint venture where PHI supplied it with Sikorsky S-92 helicopters. Mike Reyno Photo

A Dutch-registered CHC Helicopter Leonardo AW139 flies over the North Sea. The operator plans to make the AW139 one of the core types in its future fleet. Simon Pryor Photo

CHC Helicopter: Normal service resumed?


Flights supporting the operation from CHC's base in Den Helder using AW139s began in the beginning of January 2017. Leonardo Photo
A global safety alert for the Sikorsky S-92 helicopter has also affected Canada’s new CH-148 Cyclone maritime helicopter fleet. The Cyclones, a military variant of the civilian S-92, must undergo a mandatory tail rotor inspection before further flight. The service bulletin was issued by Sikorsky on Jan. 10 after an S-92 operating in the North Sea lost tail rotor control. DND Photo

S-92 loss of control blamed on failed bearing