443 Maritime Helicopter Squadron members at Victoria International Airport, left to right: Carly Cake, Chelsey Llewellyn, Tanya Carr and Darlene Such. Heath Moffatt Photo

Minding the Gap: Women in Aviation


A SAR-designated C-295 aircraft from the Brazilian Air Force was showcased during a media event held at 8 Wing Trenton, Ont., on July 26, 2017. Aviator Jerome J.X. Lessard Photo

While the RCAF has outlined a limited life-extension project for the CH-146 that would upgrade avionics and some communications systems, it has also assessed whether it might be better to invest in a new platform, bringing the tactical aviation capability on par with the CH-147F Chinook. Mike Reyno Photo

Cormorant, Griffon upgrade projects get new lift

The Airbus C295W aircraft has been selected for Canada's Fixed-Wing Search and Rescue (FWSAR) program. Airbus Photo