Instrument IQ — February/March 2020


Test your instrument flight rules (IFR) proficiency and sharpen your piloting skills with this exclusive Skies feature! Examine the following approach plate and take your best shot at the accompanying questions:



Instrument IQ test

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1. What minimum ceiling and visibility would be required to have a reasonable expectation of landing via the ILS RWY 11?

2. As above, but the glidepath is U/S by NOTAM and you are flying the Localizer only approach?

3. You are planning the Constant Descent Angle approach (CDA) via the Localizer approach from GIBBY at 3000. When should the descent out of 3000 be commenced?

4. Is an RVR Approach Ban a possibility on approach to RWY 11?

5. How much obstacle clearance is provided at the Safe Altitude 100 NM of 2,900?

6. What is the clearance limit of this approach and what should be your course of action if you arrive there before you receive further clearance?

John Montgomery is the founder and president of Professional Flight Centre in Delta, B.C., which was established in 1986. A 12,000-hour ATPL pilot and Multi IFR instructor, John also specializes in ground school and seminar instruction. John can be reached at

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