Instrument IQ — October / November 2018


Test your instrument flight rules (IFR) proficiency and sharpen your piloting skills with this exclusive Skies feature! Examine the following approach plate and take your best shot at the accompanying questions:



Instrument IQ test

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1)Does this approach offer vertical guidance similar to an ILS?

2)What does LPV stand for? The GPS must be _____ enabled in order to fly it.

3)What minimum ceiling and visibility should give you the required visual reference to land via the LPV approach, and is an RVR-based approach ban a possibility here?

4)Am I correct in saying that all of the waypoints within this approach are fly-by waypoints? If not, which ones are fly-over?

5)You arrive at the decision altitude of 1,260 ASL and do not have the required visual reference to land the aircraft. Relative to GPS operations, what action must the pilot take to fly the standard missed approach with GPS guidance?

6)What action should be taken upon arrival over the clearance limit, EMKIB, if further clearance has not been received?

John Montgomery is the founder and president of Professional Flight Centre in Delta, B.C., which was established in 1986. A 12,000-hour ATPL pilot and Multi IFR instructor, John also specializes in ground school and seminar instruction. John can be reached at

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