Instrument IQ — October/November 2019


Test your instrument flight rules (IFR) proficiency and sharpen your piloting skills with this exclusive Skies feature! Examine the following approach plate and take your best shot at the accompanying questions:

Campbell River, B.C. (CYBL)
Departure Procedures


Instrument IQ test

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1.You are planning to depart RWY 12 at CYBL at a time when the FSS is operating. How is takeoff minimum visibility determined?

2.Relative to the above, your initial climb groundspeed is expected to be 100 knots. What initial minimum rate of climb is needed to meet the obstacle clearance criteria?

3.Relative to the above, what becomes the required climb gradient upon passing through 600 feet ASL?

4.If your aircraft is unable to realize the above climb gradient, might you still be able to depart RWY 12? If so, by what means?

5.If planning to depart SPEC VIS with a climb speed of 100 KIAS, what minimum ceiling and visibility are required to legally depart?

6.Is a General Aviation Approach Ban a possibility if conducting an instrument approach to RWY 12?

John Montgomery is the founder and president of Professional Flight Centre in Delta, B.C., which was established in 1986. A 12,000-hour ATPL pilot and Multi IFR instructor, John also specializes in ground school and seminar instruction. John can be reached at

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