De Havilland Aircraft of Canada returns to the skies

Longview Aviation Capital is resurrecting the de Havilland Aircraft of Canada Limited name for the new entity that will govern its global Dash 8 aircraft business.

That announcement came on June 3 with the formal completion of Longview’s acquisition of the entire Bombardier Dash 8 program, including the 100, 200 and 300 series and the in-production Q400. The Dash 8 joins Longview’s comprehensive portfolio of aircraft programs, including the Twin Otter and the DHC-1 through DHC-7 series, as well as the former Canadair CL-215, CL-215T, and CL-415 waterbomber aircraft. Longview is the parent company of B.C.-based Viking Air Limited.

Longview Aviation Capital is restoring the de Havilland Aircraft of Canada name after purchasing the entire Dash 8 program from Bombardier. Jan Jasinski Photo
Longview Aviation Capital is restoring the de Havilland Aircraft of Canada name after purchasing the entire Dash 8 program from Bombardier. Jan Jasinski Photo

Bombardier confirmed the deal’s closing for gross proceeds of approximately $300 million. Net proceeds are expected to be approximately $250 million after the assumption of certain liabilities, fees, and closing adjustments.

De Havilland Aircraft of Canada Limited will continue to produce, service and support Dash 8 and Q400 aircraft from the current Downsview factory in Toronto under land lease agreements which extend until 2023.

Todd Young, a 30-year veteran of Bombardier who most recently was responsible for the Q-Series program, will lead the business as chief operating officer. Most of the previous Downsview workforce, and all existing union agreements, have transitioned to de Havilland Aircraft of Canada, ensuring operational continuity and a seamless transition for customers.

“We are excited to begin the next chapter for this aircraft program and to share the de Havilland Aircraft of Canada brand with the world,” said Young. “Our team at Downsview is engaged and motivated, and we look forward to working with our customers, suppliers and industry partners to maintain the Dash 8 turboprop’s position as one of the world’s most important commercial aircraft.”


De Havilland Aircraft of Canada Limited has obtained all regulatory approvals from Transport Canada and relevant competition authorities.

“We are thrilled to assume responsibility for this exceptional aircraft program, and welcome the more than 1,200 professionals that are joining de Havilland Aircraft of Canada from Bombardier,” said David Curtis, CEO of Longview Aviation Capital. “We are particularly proud to introduce de Havilland Aircraft of Canada as an operating company and return the de Havilland Canada brand to prominence in the global aerospace industry. The iconic de Havilland name dates back almost 100 years, and is responsible for some of the most renowned aircraft in aviation history.”

9 thoughts on “De Havilland Aircraft of Canada returns to the skies

  1. Well done, these aircraft still have specific applications and demand throughout the world. I hope that Longview will be able to market these airplanes and ensure they are produced well into the future.

  2. During WW2, De Havilland of Canada built no less than 1,134 Mosquitoes, which substantially aided the Allied war effort. As a UK-based aviation charity (Reg, No. 1165903), which is just starting production of a Mosquito in Britain – the first for more than 70 years – we are delighted to see a famous name brought back to life. Welcome back, from all at The People’s Mosquito!

  3. So proud to know that the de Haviland name will be resurrected and without a doubt regain its prominence with the world aviation industry!

  4. Good new,k good name Worked for a smal lcommuter in Fla years back had some 3 Herons and 1 Dove Later added the pretest re-bujilt in the air, a 21 Pax DC3 (wide body long range)

  5. I started with DeHavilland 40 years ago and was going to retire from Bombardier. But now that DeHavilland is back, I think I’ll stay for another 40 years! Way to go Longview Aviation ❤️

  6. Thank you Longview Aviation for restoring the de Havilland Aircraft name. It’s such a joy to hear that name again after so many years! I am proud to say I was part of the original de Havilland family and after many years of name changes, it’s finally back to its original name. It’s sad that so many employees who worked with de Havilland many years ago are no longer here to see this memorable change! Way to go Longview Aviation! Your future looks bright!

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