Visit the Tiger Boys this weekend


The annual Tiger Boys Aeroplane Works and Museum Open House is set to run this weekend at the Guelph Airpark. This much anticipated event that marks the end of summer offers a friendly family-oriented fun day where people can sit in the aircraft, talk to the pilots and even go for a flight. Many of the Tiger Boys’ friends fly in from around Ontario for a visit, so expect to see anything from Pietenpol Aircampers to the latest homebuilts.
The Tiger Boys, Tom Dietrich and Bob Revell, have been collecting, trading and restoring historic aircraft for over 35 years and have made Guelph their home. They have many friends and volunteers who help with the flying and restorations. Active aircraft for the weekend will include several Tiger Moths, a Fleet Finch, a Corben Baby Ace, Canada’s oldest flying homebuilt, a Thruxton Jackaroo ( four-seater Tiger Moth) and a Sindlinger 5/8 scale Hawker Hurricane. For Piper Cub lovers the Tiger Boys have restored and fly a 1935 Taylor E-2 Cub and a 1936 Taylor J-2 Cub. Current restoration projects include a Fairchild Cornell and a Gipsy Moth. Newly acquired aircraft include a scaled down Hawker Fury Biplane and a Pietenpol Aircamper.

The event is free to attend but donations are appreciated. There will be an on-site barbecue and pop available to purchase. As well, there are always aviation collectables and surplus parts available to purchase.

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