Canadian Warplane Heritage unveils exhibit dedicated to Canadian women pilots




The Women of Aviation Worldwide week wrapped up on Sunday, March 10, at the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum in Hamilton, Ont., with the unveiling of an exhibit dedicated to Canadian women in aviation.


Guest speaker at the event was Canadian Armed Forces CH-147 Chinook pilot, Kim Wilton, who spoke about how she became involved in aviation and the military. Wilton described how she came from a farming background, began driving a truck, and then joined the Canadian Armed Forces, which led to her becoming a helicopter pilot. Her talk was inspirational and from the heart.


Other speakers included Canadian Ninety-Nines Lesley Page and Natalie McHaffie. After the speeches, everyone headed to the gallery for the unveiling of the exhibits. The main artifact, on loan to the museum, was Eileen Vollick’s flight suit. In 1928, Vollick, a Hamilton resident, became Canada’s first licensed female pilot. Her daughter and granddaughter were on hand for the unveiling. The event concluded with all the Ninety-Nines gathering at the exhibit for a group photo.








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