Adacel to supply ATC tower simulator to Mozambique

Adacel, an industry leader in the design and production of air traffic control training systems, announced that it has been awarded a contract to supply an air traffic control (ATC) tower simulator system (TSS) to Trionica Mocambique, LDA, based in Maputo, Mozambique.


The Adacel MaxSim TSS is intended for training at the Escola Nacional de Aeronautica Mozambique. The system will include positions for local control and ground control training with a comprehensive instructor operating station (IOS) to provide instructors with the capability to control and modify the running scenario.

The system will accommodate both individual and team training in the control tower disciplines.

Operator training on the simulator functions will be conducted by Adacel on site at Adacel’s offices in Montreal, Que.


Adacel’s ATC simulators are designed to provide air traffic controllers with realistic hands-on practice that provides proficiency training to assist controllers achieve and maintain their certifications.

System footprints range from full-sized 360-degree enclosed versions to compact, easily transportable packages for rapid deployment to alternate training locations.

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