AeroCourse offers essential meteorology book with pilots in mind

The book is a comprehensive manual featuring both Met Practical and Met Theory information needed for flight. AeroCourse Photo.
Aviation and weather expert Rob Helfenstein has written a vital resource in one of the most important but least-understood areas of study for pilots.

Helfenstein, a pilot more than 30 years and a meteorology instructor for more than 20, fills a major void with his new bookAviation & Meteorology: Weather Fundamentals, published by Oakville, Ont.-based AeroCourse, a well-known provider of advanced aviation groundschool courses.
The book is a comprehensive manual featuring both Met Practical and Met Theory information needed for flight. It has more than 200 pages filled with clear descriptions, diagrams, photographs and the latest Transport Canada updates.
“In our seminars, we felt there was a need to source one manual that included both the theory and practical meteorology,” said book editor Rick Stevens. “The existing industry standard weather manuals also have not been updated in decades. Aviation & Meteorology: Weather Fundamentals is a modern manual specifically tailored to pilots to enhance their learning of this complicated subject matter.”
Aviation & Meteorology is written to provide pilots with a meteorology book from their own perspective. Many other books on the subject are written from a meteorologist’s viewpoint and do not delve into the specific needs of a pilot or combine the theory and practical knowledge needed for aviation. This volume supplies critical information a pilot needs to understand and avoid the many hazards weather can present.

The theoretical section details the environment pilots operate in: the atmosphere. It covers topics like fog, clouds and thunderstorms. The practical section notes how this information is communicated to pilots with tools like Aviation Routine Weather Reports and Graphical Area Forecasts. Each section is broken into chapters and sub-chapters for clarity and easy reference.
Students at Brampton Flight College, the University of Waterloo (Waterloo Wellington Flight Centre) and British Columbia Institute of Technology (Pacific Flying Club) are slated to use the book, which was meticulously researched and developed over a 10-year period.
Aviation & Meteorology retails for $75.95 and is available online at or in bookstores and flight schools across Canada.

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