AIAC praises Harbour Air’s new era of greener aviation

Jim Quick, president and CEO of the Aerospace Industries Association of Canada, attended the unveiling and test flight of Harbour Air’s ePlane – the world’s first all-electric Beaver seaplane.


“On behalf of the board and members of AIAC, congratulations to Harbour Air on this exciting, historic achievement. Today’s test flight uses innovation to capture new opportunities to establish Canada as a world leader in carbon-neutral technology for aerospace which is very much in line with AIAC’s Vision 2025 report,” said Quick.

Harbour Air has partnered with MagniX, a company specializing in creating electric propulsion for air travel. According to MagniX, with approximately 75 per cent of the world’s airline flights at 1,600 kilometres or less, there is tremendous potential for electric aviation to transform this heavily trafficked ‘middle mile’ range.


“Harbour Air is leading the way and putting Canada on the map with their commitment to transforming their seaplanes in the first all-electric commercial fleet. As the world shifts toward more green technology and ways to lower carbon emissions, Harbour Air is setting a standard we can all be proud of – which is a key part of the recommendations outlined in Vision 2025,” concluded Quick.

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