Bombardier Global 7500 makes Paris Air Show debut

Bombardier has announced its Global 7500 aircraft was named Best of the Best by Robb Report. The flagship Global 7500 aircraft, which Robb Report hailed as the Business Jet of the Year, will also make its debut at the 53rd International Paris Air Show in Le Bourget, France, giving attendees at the event a chance to see the business aircraft.

Bombardier's Global 7500 aircraft is on display at the Paris Air Show, it is the largest and longest-range business jet in the world according to the company. Bombardier Photo
Bombardier’s Global 7500 aircraft is on display at the Paris Air Show, it is the largest and longest-range business jet in the world according to the company. Bombardier Photo

“We couldn’t be happier that our flagship Global 7500 aircraft was recognized by Robb Report’s Best of the Best as Business Jet of the Year,” said David Coleal, president, Bombardier Aviation. “We’re also excited that the impressive Global 7500 aircraft will be on display at the Paris Air Show. With its range, comfort and smooth ride, the Global 7500 aircraft is ideally suited to meet the needs of business jet customers throughout Europe, and we are delighted to debut its impressive attributes at this prestigious event.”

The multiple-award winning Global 7500 aircraft is the largest and longest-range business jet in the world, and features industry-firsts from tip to tail. Like all aircraft in Bombardier’s product portfolio, both the Challenger 350 and Global 7500 jets offer the ultimate in design, performance and luxury.

“When it comes to the Global 7500 jet, there is simply no aircraft in the world like it, and it has established a category of its own. Bombardier offers the most exceptional business jets and customer experience in the world, and our continued worldwide recognition stands as proof,” said Peter Likoray, senior vice-president, Worldwide Sales and Marketing, Bombardier Business Aircraft.

With its bespoke interior featuring the industry’s most well-appointed full-size kitchen and four true living spaces, the Global 7500 aircraft provides the ultimate in-flight experience.

The aircraft debuts the Nuage seat, meticulously designed for maximum comfort. With the first new seat architecture in business aviation in 30 years, the patented Nuage seat is a marvel of design and engineering, providing a perfect blend of comfort and control and featuring an all-new, ergonomically-perfected deep recline position — unavailable on any other business aircraft.


The recently unveiled Soleil lighting system is the industry’s most advanced cabin lighting technology. Designed and developed exclusively for the Global 7500 aircraft, the innovative Soleil lighting system is aviation’s first circadian rhythm-based cabin lighting technology fully integrated with the flight management system, and it introduces the dynamic daylight simulation feature, which can help combat jet lag.

The Global 7500 business aircraft has a long-range capability of 7,700 nm (14,260 km) at Mach 0.85 with eight passengers, and will fly non-stop from New York to Hong Kong, or Singapore to San Francisco, with a maximum operating speed of Mach 0.925. The Global 7500 aircraft is the largest business jet with short-field performance and steep approach capabilities able to operate out of London City Airport, connecting to any city in the continental U.S., Africa or the Middle East. Its long-range performance can go even further traveling eastward, reaching most major cities in Asia. Through these exceptional performance features and its superlative interior design, the Global 7500 aircraft delivers uncompromising value under any conditions, at any time – and without the need for tailwinds.

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