Cadorath and Rolls-Royce execute ARF agreement in support of T56 engines

Cadorath and Rolls-Royce have executed a 10-year agreement granting approval to Cadorath in the performance of maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) single part repairs for the T56 turboprop series of engines. The agreement names Cadorath as an authorized repair facility (ARF) and is the first of its kind awarded in the Rolls-Royce T56 family.


“Rolls-Royce is committed to providing cost effective maintenance solutions to our operating community by establishing a network of quality facilities providing MRO activity. We are pleased to have this relationship with Cadorath as this agreement enhances the ability of our AMC Network to provide reliable, cost effective solutions today and into the future to keep the T56 engine flying.” states Doug Disher – T56 Program Manager for Rolls-Royce.

Cadorath initially partnered with Rolls-Royce in 2001 as an Authorized Repair Facility for the M250 and later the RR300 turbine engines. “Furthering our relationship with Rolls-Royce on the T56 engine platform has been a rewarding 3-year process,” states David R. Haines – COO. “Having the opportunity to offer OEM approved repairs to all T56 engine variants better positions us to support the AMC network.”

With over 18,000 engines manufactured since 1953 and more than 230 million flight hours accumulated, the T56/501 engine continues to be the leader of large turboprop engines for both military and commercial use. They are maintained by the Rolls-Royce MRO Support Network, providing affordable, reliable support solutions. The AMC Network includes 9 approved, licensed maintenance centers around the globe.


Aligned with the existing M250 and RR300 approvals, the T56 agreement sees the Cadorath and Rolls-Royce partnership extend through to 2029. The agreement and approval extend to Cadorath facilities located in Winnipeg, MB Canada and Broussard, LA USA. Currently, Cadorath offers in excess of 200 individual repairs for the T56 engine and will continue to provide additional repairs for the Authorized Maintenance Center (AMC) and the Authorized Military Overhaul Facilities (AMOF) network.

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