CAE introduces CAE Rise for the defence market

On Nov. 26 at the Interservice/Industry Training, Simulation, and Education Conference (I/ITSEC), the world’s largest military training and simulation event, CAE announced the launch of CAE Rise for the defence market.

CAE Rise is a data-driven training system that supports the delivery of more standardized training while enabling instructors to objectively assess pilot competencies using live data during training sessions. CAE Photo

CAE Rise is a data-driven training system designed to enable defence and security organizations to deliver standardized training and give instructors a new approach to objectively assess pilot competencies using live data during training sessions. The system leverages big data analytics to reduce subjectivity in pilot assessment, allows instructors even greater focus on teaching, and helps create more efficient and continually improving training programs. CAE Rise is one of CAE’s latest digital innovations and has already been deployed for training CAE’s airline partners.

During I/ITSEC, CAE will conduct demonstrations each day with CAE Rise integrated on a T-6C simulator. The demonstrations will show how CAE Rise gathers data during simulator training sessions, and then provides an instructor with real-time, objective assessments of student performance against pre-determined criteria for specific training tasks.

“CAE Rise is a prime example of CAE’s commitment to investing in the development of digital technologies to revolutionize pilot training,” said Gene Colabatistto, CAE’s group president, Defence & Security. “The aviation industry – both military and civil – faces the long-term challenge of producing sufficient numbers of highly-qualified pilots to meet demand. CAE’s focus on aviation training and innovations such as CAE Rise will contribute to making pilot training more efficient, standardized and objective, which ultimately helps produce higher-quality and better prepared pilots.”


Some of the key features, capabilities and benefits of CAE Rise for military pilot training include:

  • Developed on Microsoft Azure Government for cloud computing to meet government cybersecurity and compliance requirements;
  • Facilitating student-centric learning by providing digital lesson plans, real-time feedback and ability to tailor training to each student;
  • Improving instructor performance by facilitating student interaction and reducing administrative burden; and
  • Enabling training organization efficiencies such as maintaining electronic records, identifying performance gaps, and implementing closed-loop, adaptive training.

One thought on “CAE introduces CAE Rise for the defence market

  1. These training aids are great but without an up to date aircraft who are you going to train? Which young person wants to climb into an aircraft that their parents and grandparents flew? This is an information age and the Gripen E/F is a sensor filled platform capable of gathering and processing, sharing and acting upon the data that it gathers.
    It can out fly any of the current and likely the future Russian and Chinese aircraft.

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