CAE reaffirms its support to Bombardier


The following is a media statement from CAE.

CAE reaffirms its support to Bombardier and would like to clarify the fact that the letter addressed to the Canadian government and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, and mentioned in the Globe and Mail article published [on Sept. 6], was not related to the trade dispute between Boeing and Bombardier.

CAE signed a letter as part of the Boeing Canadian Industry Team for the Canada Interim Fighter Capability Project (IFCP) Super Hornet program. The intention of the letter was to talk about the economic benefits to Canada of this potential program. CAE disapproves the fact that both issues are being linked in recent media coverage.


“CAE is proud to have Bombardier as a long-standing partner,” said Marc Parent, president and CEO of CAE. “CAE is the training partner of choice of Bombardier on many platforms, including the C Series, a great aircraft. We are not in a position to tell Canada what platform to buy, but to simply champion our Canadian capabilities on procurements.”


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