Canadore College student wins gold at National Skills Competition

Canadore College aircraft maintenance student, Jaymes Vincent, will be bringing home the gold medal from the Skills Canada National Competition in the post-secondary aerospace technology category.

Vincent, originally from Ottawa, Ont., completed a 12-hour contest, which was separated into modules to include tasks associated with structural repair, sheet metal fabrication, electro-mechanical system troubleshooting, aircraft inspection, reciprocating engine maintenance, gas turbine engine maintenance, aircraft mass and balance, control rigging, and component replacement.


“Jay has put forth a lot of effort in preparing for these competitions and it has paid off,” said Brett Chadwick, professor and coordinator of the aircraft maintenance program. “It is great to keep the winning streak alive and all of the aircraft maintenance professors here at Canadore celebrate the success of these students who participate in this coveted competition.”

In May, Vincent won gold at the Skills Ontario competition, while his classmate Xavier Mainville, won silver. Canadore’s aviation maintenance students have a long history of receiving top rankings at both provincial and national skills competitions:

2018    Jaymes Vincent           Gold                Skills National Competition

2018    Jaymes Vincent           Gold                Skills Ontario Competition

2018    Xavier Mainville         Silver               Skills Ontario Competition

2017    Jason Lawton              Gold                Skills Ontario Competition

2017    David Gellately           Silver               Skills Ontario Competition

2015    Colin Cumming           Bronze             Skills National Competition

2013    Mark Kaszowski         Bronze             Skills Ontario Competition

2012    Craig Slikker               Gold                Skills Ontario Competition

2012    Mark Terdik                Silver               Skills Ontario Competition

2011    James Spurrell             Gold                Skills National Competition

2010    Erick Mitura                Bronze             Skills Ontario Competition

2009    John Bolan                  Silver               Skills National Competition

2009    Ryan London              Silver               Skills Ontario Competition


2008    Jason Leslie                 Gold                Skills Ontario Competition

2008    Peter Rice                    Bronze             Skills Ontario Competition

2007    Eugene Lalande          Bronze             Skills Ontario Competition

This year’s Skills Canada National Competition was held in Edmonton, Alta., from June 4 to 5. It is the only national, multi-trade and technology competition for students and apprentices in the country. More than 500 young people from across Canada participate in over 40 skilled trades and technology competitions. In order to compete, students must have ranked in local, regional and provincial/territorial events in order to represent their province/territory.

Following the School of Aviation convocation on June 28, Vincent will begin his career Airbus Helicopters in Fort Erie, Ont.

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