Edmonton International Airport recognized for smooth operations

Edmonton International Airport (EIA) has been recognized nationally for its efforts to reduce delays for passengers, help airlines operate on time and have an airport that runs smoothly for everyone.

Members of EIA's Maintenance Section pose with the PEMAC Award. EIA Photo
Members of EIA’s Maintenance section pose with the PEMAC Award. EIA Photo

The Plant Engineering and Maintenance Association of Canada (PEMAC) awarded the EIA maintenance team its Team of the Year award at the association’s national convention. This award is a recognition of EIA’s efforts to transition to a proactive maintenance program designed to find issues and resolve them before they even happen.

“This is great recognition of a team who has worked extremely hard implementing a new maintenance system and adapting to a whole new way of providing reliable airport systems,” said Steve Maybee, EIA vice-president, Operations and Infrastructure. “Their passion and dedication are evident in the work they do every day to create a positive experience for our valuable customers.”

The ultimate goal of EIA’s maintenance program is to eliminate downtime for machines such as baggage carousels, allowing the airport to run smoothly without disruptions or interruptions. This means passengers get their bags as fast as possible, airlines have gates waiting when they land, and the airport experience is seamless for everyone. Ultimately this work saves money for airlines, making EIA a desirable airport for route development, and means passengers experience fewer delays.

Some examples of EIA’s work to win the award include:

  • the effective installation of vibration sensors powered by AI technology on rotating drive assemblies. These sensors allowed the company to predict remaining time before failures on baggage system drives, avoiding costly equipment damage and unplanned downtime. Similar failures in the past have cost the company over $30,000 in resources and material cost.
  • implementing new programs, such as digital solutions for creating work orders and identifying preventative maintenance opportunities.
  • rolling out a mobile app that allows workers to enter maintenance observations in real-time in the field. This has significantly increased the number of observations created and work orders completed.

Other major maintenance responsibilities of EIA’s team include the management of the airport’s 7,000 acres of land, including runways, utility servicing and road network maintenance and planning within Airport City.

Maintenance process enhancements are improving the airport experience for employees and passengers alike and are contributing to EIA’s digital transformation and status as a world-class airport. Recognition like the PEMAC Maintenance Team of the Year award can be used to support attracting new air service routes and development partners. A reliable terminal building is an enticing business proposition for stakeholders, including airlines, concessionaires and security organizations.

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