Enstrom 480B receives Canadian certification

Enstrom Helicopter Corporation received Transport Canada validation of its model 480B helicopter on Jan. 25, 2019. The 480B joins the other Enstrom models listed under FAA Type Certificate H1CE which have been approved for operation in Canada, including the F-28A, 280, F-28C, F-28C-2, 280C, F-28F, 280F, and 280FX.

Enstrom believes that due to the fully articulated rotor head and low operating costs, the 480B will work well despite the demands of the Canadian environment. Enstrom Photo

“Enstrom has a long history in Canada,” commented Enstrom’s director of sales & marketing, Dennis Martin. “A number of our customers have expressed a desire to operate 480Bs in Canada and this new validation will allow them to do so under Canadian registration.”


Enstrom is already working with its first launch customer in Canada and expects the market to open quickly from there. “With its legendary toughness, fully articulated rotor head, and low operating costs, we feel the 480B is a natural in the demanding Canadian environment. Our piston aircraft have proved their worth there for years and we look forward to giving turbine customers a new, versatile option.”

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