EuroTec Canada offering MicroVib II calibration services to Canadian operators

Accurate, efficient vibration testing is vital for effective helicopter maintenance operations.

EuroTec staff will be available to discuss MicroVib II products during the upcoming Helicopter Association of Canada trade show in Vancouver. EuroTec Photo

EuroTec Canada, located outside Toronto, Ont., provides sales and service for trusted MicroVib II vibration analysis products from Dynamic Solutions Systems, Inc. (DSS) and is DSS’ appointed representative for Canada.

DSS and Eurotec Canada have been working together since 2014, and EuroTec staff will be available to discuss MicroVib II products during the upcoming Helicopter Association of Canada annual trade show in Vancouver, B.C.

“Microvib II is a very powerful vibration analysis system designed for today’s complex main rotor systems and propellers,” said Hoss Golanbari, vice-president of EuroTec Canada.

“Along with sales, technical support and onsite training, we provide annual calibration services which help reduce clients’ down time, while providing the service in Canada saves time and cross-border charges.”

DSS’ MicroBase Professional Vibration Data Management Software is bundled with the MicroVib II Helicopter Vibration Control System and incorporates powerful data storage with precise analysis and smooth output.

The system allows operators to save time and engine starts with accurate results for quick and easy component adjustments.

“DSS has a multitude of companies operating 10 or more MicroVib II Systems to effectively return aircraft to service and operate them safely on a daily basis,” said Rich Welsch, DSS sales and applications manager.


“We rely on a carefully selected group of representatives like EuroTec to promote and support our brand in the global aviation market.”

EuroTec also reports other exciting developments in aviation products, as Vertical Flight Solutions by EuroTec is in the final design and development phase of integrating high-capacity True Blue Power TB17 for the AS350 series of helicopters and the latest TB44 (46 amp-hour) advanced lithium-ion batteries into the Airbus H135 series helicopters as well as other commercial helicopter models.

The company recently achieved approval for a main ship TB17 Battery Kit for the EC130/H130 series helicopters as well.

Visit EuroTec at Booth 413 during the Helicopter Association of Canada/HAC Annual Trade Show in Vancouver in November.

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