Flair Airlines hits growth target

Flair Airlines of Kelowna, B.C., has announced an expanded route network that will more than double its flight service, offering affordable airfares.

Flair Airlines currently operates 90 flights per week. On June 15, 2018, the airline plans to increase to 208 flights per week. Flair Airlines Image

Flair will begin flying from Halifax, N.S.; Saskatoon, Sask.; Calgary, Alta.; and Prince George and Victoria, B.C., on June 15 of this year.

Earlier growth projections have been realized with this announcement by the airline, with seven aircraft in scheduled service.

“This is a very exciting announcement for Flair and Canadians. Every time we enter a market, Canadians benefit significantly as airfare drops almost immediately by more than 20 per cent on the routes we serve,” said Jim Scott, CEO, Flair Airlines.

“This schedule is a clear indication that the demand for low-fare flying is strong, and we are proud to be the airline that initiated and sparked this movement across the country.”

Flair Airlines currently operates 90 flights per week. On June 15, Flair will operate 208 flights per week, with increased direct, one stop and connectivity throughout its network.


Schedule highlights (new directs):

  • Toronto to: Halifax;
  • Winnipeg to: Calgary, Vancouver;
  • Saskatoon to: Edmonton;
  • Calgary to: Vancouver, Winnipeg;
  • Edmonton to: Saskatoon, Prince George, Victoria;
  • Prince George to: Vancouver, Edmonton;
  • Vancouver to: Prince George; and
  • Victoria to: Edmonton

Additionally, the frequency on almost every route we currently serve has grown with this new schedule.


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