FlyGTA CEO unveils new airport booking system

Chris Nowrouzi, CEO of Toronto-based airline FlyGTA, debuted his innovative new booking system for small and regional airports at the 2020 European Aviation Symposium in January.


The platform, developed by FlyGTA in partnership with German firm ISO Software Systems, streamlines booking management by interfacing directly with the new framework laid out by the International Air Transport Association (IATA), known as NDC (New Distribution Capability). It is the only existing platform that has been designed for liaising exclusively with NDC architecture, which dramatically elevates operational efficiency, reduces technology overhead and distribution fees by up to 90 per cent, and presents new and lucrative opportunities for emerging airlines.

Nowrouzi plans to white-label the platform for industry-wide release on April 1, and expects it will transform the landscape of regional air travel. The system is certified by IATA, and can onboard new airlines in under a month, broadening access to the industry and translating into more local routes, clearer communications, and lower fares for consumers.


“This platform is the first step of what we have coming to add options for new players to join the travel game,” said Nowrouzi. “It enables the next generation of the industry, and brings forth the possibility of open market, and new and disruptive business models, two of which will be our own inbound tour operation, and our launch outbound tour operations NDC is here today, let’s start exploring and collaborating!”

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