Government of Canada investing in safety at Red Lake airport

Marc Garneau, Minister of Transport, visited the Red Lake Municipal Airport on Jan. 31 to highlight the recent completion of two safety improvement projects: the purchase of a de-icer spraying trailer, which is used with a snow plow to help keep runways, taxiways and the apron clear of ice and snow; and the replacement of an omni-directional approach lighting system, including power converters and transformers, for Runway 26.


“The Government of Canada recognizes the important role played by Canada’s local airports in supporting jobs and tourism, enabling investment and facilitating trade. Our investments are helping airports increase safety and accessibility for residents and travellers, while supporting the continued growth of local and regional economies,” stated Garneau.

The omni-directional approach lighting system is an important part of airport operations as fog and harsh winter weather are common in the Red Lake region. Replacing the power converters and transformers will ensure the new lighting system functions effectively.

Funding of $152,943 came from Transport Canada’s Airports Capital Assistance Program for these two projects.

Garneau also viewed detailed plans for the upcoming $10 million rehabilitation of Runway 08-26, Taxiways A, B and C, and Apron 2A adjacent to the Air Terminal Building. This project is also being funded through the Airports Capital Assistance Program.


“The Red Lake Airport is an important hub for residents and businesses in this region. This investment will help ensure continued safe airport operations for passengers, crews and employees, while supporting the regional economy and its social development,” said Bob Nault, member of Parliament for Kenora.

A well maintained runway, taxiway and apron is key to ensuring safe usage by aircraft, passengers, and crews, as well as helping to protect costly airport safety assets such as snow clearing equipment and aircraft rescue and firefighting vehicles during airport operations

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