Icarus Aerospace unveils multi-role capable TAV aircraft

Montreal, Que.-based Icarus Aerospace recently introduced TAV, a clean-sheet aircraft that is a force-multiplier solution for the world’s security and armed forces. The highly customizable, twin-turboprop TAV — Tactical Air Vehicle — is a multi-role capable aircraft, with a rugged, versatile, and technologically advanced design.

A computer rendering of the TAV aircraft in flight. Icarus Aerospace Image

“We’ve developed TAV to be in alignment with latest international military armed overwatch and persistent presence requirements and challenges. The aircraft platform defines a niche of its own and excels in addressing all existing and future daily threats facing our troops, security forces and our world,” said Marko Ivankovic, senior product development manager and flight test engineer for Icarus Aerospace.

In its baseline configuration, TAV will deploy with two crew in a tandem cockpit that features the latest avionics configuration with sensor fusion and network centric capabilities. With a planned payload of 8,000 pounds, TAV will have an unrefuelled endurance of six and a half hours at its jet-like high-speed cruise.


Designed from the outset to be optionally-piloted, TAV can utilize its innovative software, avionics and systems to meet a wide variety of mission requirements, including battlefield management, communication relay, aerial refuelling, re-arm and re-supply, and medevac — with crew, remotely piloted or as a fully autonomous system.

TAV is the first in a family of specialized aircraft, including WASP, a mission-oriented version, focused on close-air support (CAS), maritime and coastal patrol and anti-submarine warfare, and surveillance, and BRANTA, a long endurance, high-altitude optionally-piloted/unmanned combat air vehicle (OPV/UCAV).

“We are now moving TAV into its next stage of development, to ensure that Icarus Aerospace has the financial resources to bring our exciting new program to fruition,” said Ivankovic.

8 thoughts on “Icarus Aerospace unveils multi-role capable TAV aircraft

  1. Where is the mention of the fact that this is not a new/unique design and in fact is a modern take of the Vietnam-era OV-10 Bronco which still sees service with CalFire as a firefighting Lead Plane and Air Attack platform. This concept is not new regardless of whether the manufacturer calls it a “clean sheet” design, which it is not.
    Proper inspiration needs to be cited for credibility.

  2. Looks like a great Cavalry mount for the Hussars, or lancers or cataphract. (As your military chooses).

    It still needs an F-15 or similar over it to keep the other fellows fighters off of it, but it can get down in the dirt and make life a lot more pleasant for the infantry!

  3. Canada could deploy 6 of these instead of one fighter or 3 or 4 to replace an attack helo. Reality is we fight more terrorist than Russians or Chinese. Sounds like an Canadian solution with a market worldwide A combination of Gripens and these made in Canada is a solution Canada can afford looking good

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