Ideagen partners with Jazz Aviation to enhance mobile reporting risk management

Ideagen, the U.K.-based global software firm, has announced that it is working with Canada’s largest regional airline, Jazz Aviation, on a project that will enhance mobile reporting and risk management across the carrier’s operations.

One of the earliest pilot cadet programs was debuted by Jazz Aviation in 2007. Dubbed the Jazz Award, it offered interviews and simulator evaluations to top ranking students at Canadian aviation colleges and universities. Jazz Aviation Photo
Jazz’s new risk management and reporting system, Coruson, will allow airline management to assess risks and mitigate issues before they become safety events. Jazz Aviation Photo

Jazz–the largest regional partner to Air Canada, Canada’s flagship airline–will implement Ideagen’s Coruson software as it looks to further strengthen its safety culture through enhanced safety reporting and analysis.

Capt Robert Palmer, Jazz Aviation’s vice-president for Safety, Quality and Environment, said: “The goal of this project is to enhance safety performance through proven risk management techniques as well as ensuring risk mitigations to address the root cause of the issues. We are pleased to be working with Ideagen in advancing safety management at Jazz with the implementation of Coruson.”

Coruson will become Jazz’s risk management and reporting system, allowing airline management to assess risks and mitigate issues before they become safety events.

“Mobile reporting through Coruson will be a significant benefit for our front-line employees. Through this project with Ideagen, we anticipate building on our strong safety culture and believe that mobile reporting will further engage our employees in reporting overall. The simplicity of the Coruson system, ease of access and streamlined reporting, will undoubtedly result in more reports and more safety data,” stated Palmer.


Steven Cespedes, Ideagen’s head of Aviation, said: “We are delighted and excited to be working with such an ambitious organization in the form of Jazz Aviation.

“Our Coruson software is used by some of the largest aviation organisations in the world and we are pleased that such a risk aware airline with an already strong safety culture has chosen to use our software to enhance its safety and risk management processes.”

Ross McLarnon, product manager for Ideagen’s Coruson, added: “This is an exciting time for our Coruson software as we continue to see strong demand across the aviation industry.

“We are delighted to be able to add Jazz Aviation–such an ambitious and highly regarded airline particularly across North America–to our ever growing list of aviation clients.

“I am personally looking forward to working with the team at Jazz Aviation and look forward to them providing valuable insights into the use and future development of our Coruson software.”

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