Jump On offers bidding system for unsold seats

Jump On is offering the chance to bid on seats on 11 routes from ultra low-cost carrier NewLeaf Travel. NewLeaf Image

Calgary-based Jump On Flyaways has launched a unique bidding platform that lets travellers bid on unsold airline seats. 
The company launched the bidding platform July 19, 2016, according to the Canadian Press, offering the chance to bid on seats on 11 routes from ultra low-cost carrier NewLeaf Travel. 
Jump On aims to help travellers—who the company calls “Jumpers”—capture some of the one billion airline seats its says will fly empty this year.
“This is a huge missed opportunity worth billions to the airlines annually,” said Roger Jewett, CEO of Jump On, in a news release. “Our bidding platform was developed to fill up these empty seats while providing a win/win/win for flexible air travellers, airlines and the environment.
“Travellers win by receiving low cost flights and can fly more often. Airline partners generate incremental revenue from seats that would otherwise be empty. And, greenhouse gas emissions per travelling passenger are reduced by filling up more of the seats.”
Jump On accumulates bids from travellers on potentially available scheduled airline seats where airline partners have expressed interest in receiving bids. 
All “reasonable” bids are presented to airline partners for their consideration, the company said in the release
Airline partners may accept bids at any time, but no later than 48 hours before a flight’s departure, the company said. 
If the bid is accepted, the traveller’s credit card is charged and the airline directly issues a ticket. 

“Although airlines make the final decision on which bids are accepted, we expect that in many cases flexible air travellers will receive genuine discounts from 70 per cent to 80 per cent off typical airline fares,” said Jewett. 
Jump On lists NewLeaf’s 11 destinations on its portal: Abbotsford, Kamloops, Kelowna and Victoria, B.C.; Edmonton, Alta.; Halifax, N.S.; Hamilton, Ont.; Regina and Saskatoon, Sask.; Moncton, N.B.; and Winnipeg, M.B.
“We are continuing to negotiate with several Canadian scheduled airlines that have expressed an interest in receiving bids on their unsold seats, and expect to make further announcements soon,” said Jewitt.

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