Latitude Technologies debuts ultra-light, ultra-slim touch display

Latitude Technologies, a supplier of flight data management, flight following, and satcom solutions, launched its ultra-light, ultra slim touch control display unit (TCDU) at the 2019 AEA International Convention and Trade Show.

The ultra-light, ultra slim touch control display unit launched by Latitude Technologies. Latitude Graphic.

Featuring a fully-customizable and high resolution display, the Latitude TCDU seamlessly supports a range of fixed- and rotary-wing applications.

When paired with the Latitude SkyNode S200-012, the TCDU provides a minimally intrusive, cost-effective solution for ATS SATVOICE safety services where an A739a MCDU is not already installed. Due to its ability to provide pilots with highly reliable and truly global voice communications coverage, SATVOICE is now an approved supplement to HF for long range communication systems (LRCS). The Latitude solution complies with AC 20-150B specifications for airworthiness approval of satellite voice equipment supporting Air Traffic Services.


The TCDU also acts as a streamlined interface for Latitude’s co-ordinated communications solution. Powered by Iridium push-to-talk (PTT), Latitude co-ordinated communications is purpose-built for police, emergency responders, disaster response agencies and other parties that require a secure and reliable method for exchanging information between dispersed teams. The Latitude TCDU facilitates easy and global group-talk with one-key dialing. The result is PTT radio-like functionality backed by Iridium satcom clarity and reliability.

For traditional satcom telephony, the Latitude TCDU supports both voice and two-way messaging in one of the most compact form factors currently on the market.


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