Murphy Aircraft Mfg. announces two exciting new projects


Darryl Murphy, owner and founder of Murphy Aircraft Mfg., said: “We have received numerous inquiries for an S-LSA certified Rebel as well as E-LSA Rebel kits. The number of inquiries are too large to ignore so we have decided to take the Rebel through the S-LSA certification process. We are targeting late 2016 for E-LSA kit deliveries. Ready to fly S-LSA Rebel deliveries will depend on demand.”
Further, Murphy announced a new plane for high performance bush flying: “Our second exciting project is a completely new aircraft design. Feedback from our many existing Rebel owners tells us there is a market for an aircraft with even greater performance, power and STOL capabilities and we have been listening.  
“Although the Rebel is a good foundation to start from, the new aircraft is essentially a brand new design. A higher gross weight, more wing area and capable of using engines up to 220 hp, it will incorporate many of the best features of the Rebel, Elite, Maverick and Super Rebel. We are looking to unveil it at Oshkosh in July. The new aircraft has been named the “Radical Rebel.”

To facilitate timely completion of the two projects the company has hired Zrinko Amerl as general manager. Amerl is a long time pilot and successful entrepreneur.   
He will be taking care of sales and the day to day running of the company, leaving Murphy to devote the majority of his time to certifying the S-LSA Rebel and design, construction and testing of the Radical Rebel.

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