Nav Canada proceeds with near-30 per cent increase on customer service charges

Nav Canada recently announced it will proceed with its proposal to increase customer service charges consistent with the proposal to revise service charges and notice issued May 20, 2020.

Nav Canada said the increased service charges will be effective on Sept. 1. Nav Canada Photo

Nav Canada said the increase is required to allow the company to achieve a minimum level of revenue in its fiscal 2021 year, thereby facilitating the additional borrowings which are needed to provide Nav Canada with sufficient liquidity to weather the COVID-19 pandemic.

The service charge increases average 29.5 per cent on overall rate levels and are effective Sept. 1, 2020, except where otherwise noted. The announcement includes provisions to ease the cash flow impact of the increases on its customers through payment deferral mechanisms.


Prior to issuance of the associated May 2020 notice, and continuing throughout the consultation period, the company explored all options, including Federal Government assistance, with the objective of eliminating the need for the increase. Despite these efforts no alternative was found, and the company has proceeded with today’s announcement​ after full consideration of the input received during the consultation period.

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