OpenPoint advances business aviation search

FlyEasy Software has developed the first open and free to use map-based business aviation search platform that allows users the ability to quickly search and request trip pricing from any aircraft operator in the world.

Built with aircraft operator feedback, OpenPoint was designed by the FlyEasy Software team by capturing hundreds of pressure points and bottlenecks realized from the workflows of over 50 aircraft operators.


While most marketplace platforms charge the community of users to access aircraft operator data, OpenPoint makes this information completely free and available to the public by placing the operator who has custody and control of the aircraft at the forefront.

The platform makes it easy for the user to source aircraft options by entering the departure airport and by following the prompts to build and submit a streamlined charter inquiry. OpenPoint scans for all aircraft and air operators based at or within close proximity of the departure airport for round-trip and multi-leg trip profiles.

For one-way requests, OpenPoint scans both departure and arrival airports for aircraft as well as real-time empty leg and transient availability. Operators are displayed in ranked order of estimated pricing from lowest to highest cost and whether they are a verified professional user subscribed to the FlyEasy platform.

While aircraft change hands and charter contracts on a continual basis, there are roughly 10,000 aircraft commercially available for charter worldwide and approximately 3,000 aircraft operators. The goal of the OpenPoint platform is to maintain a database of 98 per cent of all available aircraft and air operators worldwide in order to ensure every possible licensed economical aircraft option is displayed to users.

OpenPoint is able to accomplish this feat since there is no cost to air operators to publish available aircraft, empty legs, or transient availability within the system. It is therefore of utmost importance that air operators take ownership of their information and manage their own fleet and company details as a fleet can be updated in a matter of seconds using the FlyEasy platform.


For operators that do not use the platform, the FlyEasy Software team has analysts that scan ministry of transport data in a number of countries to keep air operator and fleet information as up to date as possible.

OpenPoint uses the latest technology within its development stack and exists as the gateway between the end-user and the organizations listed. OpenPoint does not view, process, or solicit leads generated within its platform. OpenPoint generates revenue from its professional user subscription, technology development, and FlyEasy product line, including Operator Toolkit and Broker Assist.

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