PAL Aerospace and CarteNav Solutions launch Force Multiplier

On Nov. 13, on the occasion of the Dubai Air Dhow, PAL Aerospace announced the first public appearance of an on-demand, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) special mission platform named the Force Multiplier.

The Force Multiplier is a Dash-8 Q300 modified with state-of-the-art equipment, and it is available for short-term rental. PAL Aerospace Photo
The Force Multiplier is a Dash-8 Q300 modified with state-of-the-art equipment, and it is available for short-term rental. PAL Aerospace Photo

Force Multiplier is an ISR platform for special missions operations. Ownership, operation, and maintenance are all responsibilities of PAL Aerospace, and clients simply acquire the actionable data and experience that they require on this industry leading platform.

The Special Mission platform is equipped with two full mission system suites, AMASCOS from Thales, and AIMS-ISR from CarteNav–both mission system software suites which will accommodate a diverse range of ISR applications.

Both mission systems will integrate to the Thales Searchmaster radar which is the highest performance-to-weight radar on the market. The solution fits interim and immediate requirements for surveillance and/or training missions under an on-demand contracting model.

PAL Aerospace has operated over 250,000 flight hours of special missions and has over 40 years of fixed-wing operations and surveillance experience. PAL’s experience as an operator of surveillance missions leaves it qualified to bring this new platform to market with a view towards client needs and future innovation.

Brian Chafe, chief executive officer of PAL Aerospace, stated, “The announcement of this ISR asset is transformational for our organization. We are committed to delivering this platform so our customers can react when they need it most. We are confident that our clients will appreciate the approach that we have taken to provide a flexible, proven, reliable and low-risk solution.”

Rick Hillier, General (retired chief of the Canadian Defense Staff) and chairman of PAL Aerospace, stated, “We are pleased to announce this significant investment at the Dubai Air Show to reinforce our commitment to this region and our over 10-year commitment to the people of the UAE.”


“The entire CarteNav team is excited by the launch of Force Multiplier and are pleased to be a partner on this initiative. We are looking forward to delivering advanced ISR mission system and information management capabilities for a diversity of end customer’s mission requirements. In addition, Force Multiplier is a platform that is ideal for ongoing innovation and advanced product development,” said Paul Evans, president of CarteNav Solutions.

Speaking of the partnership, Philippe Duhamel, executive vice-president of Defence Mission Systems activities at Thales, said, “We have a longstanding cooperation with PAL Aerospace where we have commonly addressed the UAE’s and other clients’ needs and delivered maritime patrol aircraft with a comprehensive suite of ISR solutions in past. Through the Force Multiplier and the collaboration with PAL Aerospace, Thales will be able to further extend its service offering and demonstrate our capabilities to our entire global customer base.”

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