Sunwing announces schedule changes due to grounding of 737 MAX 8

Due to the extension of the grounding of the Boeing 737 MAX 8 aircraft, Sunwing has taken measures to optimize its operations by investing in additional flying capacity and reconfiguring its schedule without this aircraft type until further notice.


Sunwing has announced it is “reconfiguring its schedule without this aircraft type until further notice.” Andy Cline Photo

Schedule changes for departures up to and including Monday, Sept. 2, have now been made and are reflected in Sunwing’s flight times on its website and across its reservation system. If a customer’s travel plans have been affected, the company will be communicating this directly to their travel agent, as appropriate.  It is currently still finalizing any schedule adjustments beyond this departure date and is working hard to ensure these changes will have minimal impact on its operations and on customer experience.

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