The Alouettes to fly on the wings of Nolinor Aviation

The Montreal Alouettes and Nolinor Aviation announced on Wednesday that they will be teaming up for the next 10 years, as Nolinor remains the club’s official charter flight partner. This new deal goes even further than the previous one as a Boeing 737 plane was personalized with the team’s logo and colours.

The Montreal Alouettes’ personalized Boeing 737. Nolinor Aviation Photo

Montreal therefore becomes the first Canadian Football League team to have it’s own personalized plane. The Boeing 737 was specifically configured and personalized to accommodate all of the travelling members of the team and to transport all of its equipment to road games.

“We are very proud to continue our partnership with Nolinor Aviation, a local company. Their proposition is very original. On top of counting on their transportation service for our travels, we can do so while sporting our colours,” declared Alouettes president Mario Cecchini.

“This partnership offers us many advantages. We have a greater flexibility for our traveling schedule, on top of continuing to work hand in hand with a partner that offers an excellent service, and whose staff is always in good spirits.”

The Alouettes will travel on board of a personalized plane to all of their road games. The charter service allows the organization to choose its departure times, which is an undeniable asset in the team’s weekly preparation.


“For this second partnership with the Alouettes we wanted to offer a unique service that would not only allow the team to shine, but that would also outline our know-how in personalized air transportation service. Offering personalized travelling solutions has been our strength for over 25 years,”

The plane has already been in circulation for a few weeks and has become the subject of a few social media posts in whatever region it finds itself. One of the plane’s first mission consisted in delivering medical equipment to areas in need at the beginning of the pandemic. A video has been made to present the paint process which allowed Nolinor Aviation to transform the plane.


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