TrueNorth service to enhance inflight connectivity experience

The hybrid cloud System will use applications to amplify available Internet bandwidth. TrueNorth Photo
TrueNorth Avionics has introduced, the company’s new airborne connectivity service at the Global Connected Aircraft Summit. will be aviation’s first hybrid cloud solution designed to amplify bandwidth and enhance the inflight connectivity experience to be more like on the ground.

“Inflight connectivity performance has improved over the last 10 years, but the passenger experience is often less than ideal,” said Mark van Berkel, TrueNorth CEO. “Our focus is to make the connectivity experience in the air the same as on the ground, which is why we created The first of its kind, this service will provide enhancements to inflight connectivity.
“Included with our Optelity Pro Cabin Gateway product, it is designed to take advantage of the bandwidth that’s available while creating a secure, more efficient connection between the aircraft and the service provider.”
With characteristically lower bandwidth, inflight Internet has challenges. A variety of accidental activities cause reduced speeds. 
For example, passenger mobile devices doing background updates consume a big chunk of usable bandwidth. Interruptive content may load before desired content, eating still more bandwidth and curtailing speed.
In addition, when an aircraft flies through different satellite coverage areas, dropped connections can prove frustrating. brings together, a cohesive suite of applications to manage the available bandwidth, add efficiencies and prevent dropped connections.
Using a hybrid cloud model for delivery, is service provider independent and designed specifically for use with the Optelity Pro Cabin Gateway product (Optelity Pro).
“Even with faster services coming online, there will always be a need to improve the airborne Internet experience,” said Stephen Newell, TrueNorth head of business development. “Mobile devices will continue to evolve at a rapid pace, and only exacerbate the problem of limited bandwidth.

“Optelity Pro with will address the challenges of the skinnier pipe, and the constant introduction of new devices. This new service option will support the growing range of satellite connectivity services—regardless of the specific type of link, or service provider.”
Hybrid Cloud Explained: Hybrid cloud uses the cloud and installed equipment to deliver specific services. combines the cloud and TrueNorth’s Optelity Pro to enhance the bandwidth on the aircraft.
Having applications reside in the cloud ensures will always be up-to-date and can easily expand with new technology and applications. This also makes it transparent to the user. 
Like a virtual private network, the connection is always secure. Together the service and equipment provide flexibility and reliability with virtually limitless upgrade ability.

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