U.S. Customs and Border Protection expands fleet

Textron Aviation announced on Oct. 13 it was awarded a contract for the 26 and 27 Beechcraft King Air 350CER turboprop aircraft for the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Air and Marine Operations (AMO).


Textron Aviation awarded contract for Beechcraft King Air 350CER for U.S. CBP AMO.
Textron Aviation Photo

The Beechcraft King Air 350CER is designed and manufactured by Textron Aviation Inc. a Textron Inc. company.

“These two Multi-role Enforcement Aircraft (MEA) aircraft will join a fleet of King Air 350 turboprops used to safeguard the U.S. as part of the coordinated application of AMO’s aviation and maritime law enforcement resources,” said Bob Gibbs, vice-president, Special Mission Sales. “This represents the third and fourth Beechcraft King Air 350CER ordered for AMO in 2020.  We are honoured to provide these aircraft in support of AMO’s mission of protecting the United States.”


The agency’s aircraft are equipped with a sophisticated array of technology that can be deployed for ground interdiction operations, air-to-air intercept operations and medium-range maritime patrols, including active and passive sensors and an optimized communications suite. The aircraft are operated by skilled crewmembers who employ the mission equipment and coordinate information flow to the ground.

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