Historic final landing for Boeing 720

The last operational Boeing 720 in the world marked the end of the fleet’s legacy yesterday as it flew into Canadian Forces Base Trenton, where it will go on display in the National Air Force Museum of Canada (NAFMC).

The red and white aircraft was the 154th and last 720 built by Pratt & Whitney Canada. Travelling from Saint-Hubert, Que., it performed two flyovers at the base for the watching crowd before landing.
Pratt & Whitney and the Canadian Aviation and Space Museum in Ottawa were eager to preserve the historically significant aircraft, and came to an agreement that will see the 720 go on loan the (NAFMC) indefinitely. The museum executive director, Chris Colton, said the aircraft would be displayed in the outdoor airpark.

The 720 was introduced by Boeing in 1959, and was a smaller capacity, lighter and shorter-range version of the 707  one of the most successful airliners of the 20th century.