3Point: a place where pilots become aviators

John Valade flies 3Point’s Decathlon in position 3, while one of 3Point’s newly trained members, a commercial pilot by day, flies its Citabria in position 2. 

3Point Aviator, a membership driven organization based in Waterloo and Guelph, Ont., offers basic and advanced training for new and licensed pilots on tricycle and conventional aircraft.  Students can choose to train in their own aircraft, or to fly one of the organization’s planes. 
“Open to high or low time pilots, our courses offer all inclusive packages that help pilots reach their goals, whether it’s to further develop their existing skills or learn new ones like formation and aerobatics,” said John Valade, an instructor at 3Point.
Valade, an ex-RCAF CF-104 pilot, adds that all courses are led according to skill level and that 3Point places a high value on proper coaching without rushing. For those reasons, the company has designed custom programs based on a fixed set of missions, and not on a per hour rate.
“We are here to increase confidence, teach new skills and have fun in the process,” he said.
Staffed by coaches with both civilian and military aviation backgrounds, 3Point delivers a unique learning experience in the classroom and in the sky.    
From basic introduction courses in a Cessna 172M, to Bellanca Decathlon and Citabria Basics, 3Point offers a little something for everyone.  For more experienced pilots there’s an exciting selection of advanced courses including Recreational and Competitive Aerobatics, Navigation, Night and Tailwheel.  
According to Valade, 3Point’s Formation course, which introduces members to the challenges and techniques of safe three-plane formation, is one of the company’s most popular curriculums.  

“It’s a great course that builds more than hand and feet skills. It gets the guys out working as a team, builds planning and communication abilities and fosters comradery among our members.”   
3Point recently kicked off the season with an open house at its new location in Waterloo, Ont., bringing together aviation enthusiasts of all ages and skill levels. For more information on 3Point Aviator, membership, courses and locations visit www.3pointaviator.com.

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