Esterline CMC Electronics integrated avionics suite featured on vew IOMAX Archangel

Esterline CMC Electronics’ (CMC) integrated glass Cockpit 4000 avionics suite is featured on the new IOMAX Archangel aircraft being unveiled at the 2013 Paris Air Show.

The IOMAX Archangel is an armed surveillance aircraft equipped with advanced avionics and weapons systems, including an electro-optical / infrared (EO/IR) sensor. The aircraft is designed to perform border patrol, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) missions. The structure chosen by IOMAX is that of an agricultural aircraft most commonly used for crop dusting, manufactured by Thrush Aircraft of Albany, Georgia. IOMAX has installed CMC’s integrated avionics on the Thrush 710P two-seater aircraft, making the Archangel a powerful force in flight. 
The CMC-supplied avionics suite is fitted in both the front and rear cockpits of the Archangel. The front cockpit consists of three 5×7 inch Multi-Function Displays (MFD) and one Up Front Control Panel (UFCP). The rear cockpit comprises one 5×7 inch MFD and one UFCP. The heart of CMC’s Cockpit 4000 integrated avionics suite is the mission computer. The MFDs and the UFCP are driven directly by the mission computer, providing control and display functions for the high-resolution graphics associated with the navigation and mission data. The avionics suite features a mature and proven operational flight program that integrates the aircraft dynamic sensors, navigation radios, communication radios, EO/IR sensor and weapon system to provide a wide range of navigation and mission requirements. CMC’s standardized avionics solution minimizes the integration effort required for aircraft installation.
IOMAX president and CEO Ron Howard said: “Esterline CMC’s integrated avionics suite is proven and flying on a wide range of military trainers and light attack aircraft. This high-performance, cost-effective avionics suite is an excellent retrofit solution for the Archangel.”  

Greg Yeldon, president, Esterline CMC Electronics, said: “CMC is very pleased to have our modular avionics suite featured on-board the Archangel aircraft. Equipping this IOMAX aircraft confirms the flexible, yet robust nature of our Cockpit 4000 architecture. CMC’s integrated avionics suite is already flying on numerous primary as well as advanced jet trainer platforms. Adding ISR to the list clearly demonstrates how the Cockpit 4000 avionics suite can fulfill a wide range of mission requirements and perform in a variety of roles in today’s military trainers, light attack and ISR aircraft.” 
IOMAX USA Inc of Mooresville, North Carolina, is a defense company that is specialized in signals intelligence and aircraft technologies.

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