2019 Canadian Aerospace Summit reveals global conference theme

More than ever, success in aerospace requires a global perspective. Sprawling supply chains, the flow of goods, talent and innovation, and the realities of doing business in marketplaces around the world impact Canadian aerospace bottom lines on a daily basis.

The 2019 Canadian Aerospace Summit will feature speakers from Canada and around the world representing companies of every size and sector. AIAC Photo

The 2019 Canadian Aerospace Summit taking place on Nov. 12 to 13 in Ottawa, Ont., will explore the global considerations that Canadian aerospace companies–and their partners in government, research and education–must keep in mind if they want to stay ahead of the curve:

  • What are the current challenges to growth, productivity and competitiveness?
  • Where are the emerging opportunities for the industry, and what do companies need to know in order to take advantage of them?
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  • What is Canada doing to face these challenges and opportunities… and what should it be doing?
  • What strategies are other aerospace nations using to increase their competitiveness and empower their aerospace industries, both domestically and around the world?
  • What should non-Canadian companies know about accessing the vast talent and opportunity in the Canadian aerospace sector?

With speakers from Canada and around the world representing companies of every size and sector, the Canadian Aerospace Summit is a must-attend event for anyone interested in making sure that Canadian aerospace growth continues to accelerate into the next decade and beyond.

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