Canada Jetlines announces planned routes out of YHU

Canada Jetlines Ltd. (Jetlines) announced that it intends to offer direct flights from Aeroport Montreal Saint-Hubert Longueuil (Montreal Saint-Hubert) to several cities in Canada including cities in Quebec, as well as U.S. destinations including Florida and New York.

Canada Jetlines recently announced its decision to use Vancouver International Airport as its home base of operations. Canada Jetlines image

Montreal Saint-Hubert is being expanded as part of a plan to position itself as a low-cost airport serving the Montérégie region of Quebec and Montreal. The airport’s location is closer to Montreal’s business and leisure core than Montreal’s main airport, Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport. Montreal Saint-Hubert is expected to be able to support ULCC (ultra-low-cost carrier) airlines like Jetlines as early as the end of next year. The airport recently upgraded its runway, a project that received support from the federal government, which injected $13 million into the project. Montreal Saint-Hubert also has plans to build a new passenger terminal building.

“We are thrilled to announce routes we plan to fly in the future. We fully support the airport’s vision of building a low-cost secondary airport for the Montreal region, and we are looking forward to delivering ultra-low fares to our passengers,” said Jetlines CEO Javier Suarez. “Our low fares should encourage people from Montreal and the surrounding areas to travel more often. Driven by these low fares, Montreal should experience an increase in the number of tourists and visitors it receives. Our relationship with the airport is important for us to be able to extend Jetlines’ reach in Eastern Canada, and we are pleased to have them as a partner.”

“Jetlines is committed to becoming Canada’s first true ultra-low-cost carrier. It’s not fair for Canadians to have to consistently overpay for their air travel, whether be it to travel for leisure, or to visit their friends and family. Jetlines is here to put an end to this. Our partnership with Montreal Saint-Hubert airport is a crucial milestone in our vision for air travel in Canada, as well as for our long-term plans,” added Mark Morabito, Jetlines executive chairman.


“We are particularly pleased with Jetlines’ announcement. Offering a low cost alternative for air service to other cities in Quebec, Canada, and the United States is in direct alignment with our vision for the development of the airport,” said Jane Foyle, general manager of DASH-L, the non-profit organization that manages the airport. “Florida is a favourite destination for Quebecers and this new service will help us repatriate the exodus of Canadians flying to the United States from border airports such as those in Plattsburgh and Burlington. And, this announcement certainly validates our request to [Transport] Minister Garneau for assistance regarding Canadian Air Transport Security Authority (CATSA) services and the need to re-examine government agreements signed decades ago that currently limit our access to these markets. We are currently examining the use of a temporary facility so that we may accelerate this service offering.”

Jetlines’ ability to service this airport is subject to the completion of the airline licensing process and the receipt of applicable regulatory approvals.

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