Flatirons Jouve announces contract extension with Air Canada

Flatirons Jouve has announced the extension of a multi-year agreement with Air Canada.

Since 2013, Air Canada has leveraged the CORENA Fleet Solution and CORENA Flight Ops module, developed by Flatirons Jouve, to help manage the technical documents used by flight and cabin crews to operate its diverse fleet of aircraft.


The new agreement further extends this relationship and adds new capabilities to the existing solution.

The CORENA Fleet Solution is the leading original equipment manufacturer (OEM)-independent content lifecycle management (CLM) solution developed specifically for organizations that rely on mission-critical data to operate or maintain multi-vendor aircraft fleets over their long service lifecycle.

The CORENA Fleet Solution is trusted by seven of the top 10 largest airlines in the world, as well as a growing number of smaller operators.

This agreement will extend the airline’s ability to manage flight operations content that allows for the creation of timely, accurate manuals without complex modifications to style sheets, or the use of other labour-intensive formatting methods typically associated with revising flight ops manuals.


“Flatirons Jouve is proud of our ongoing relationship with Air Canada,” said CORENA Fleet Solution business owner and former chief pilot John Badger. “We applaud Air Canada’s commitment to innovation and dedication to improve passenger service levels and operational efficiency, and appreciate the trust they’ve placed in Flatirons Jouve to help them support this commitment.”


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