Icarus Aero releases personalized pilot/co-pilot seat covers


Gravenhurst, Ont.-based Icarus Aero has released personalized pilot and co-pilot removable seat covers. The seat covers provide an extra layer of comfort together with an additional level of protection for these difficult times. Maintaining or enhancing your own physical space by ensuring minimized opportunity for viral contamination is achieved by enabling you to provide distancing from other flight crews using your own seat cover. This genuine sheepskin top cover provides for additional comfort and its easy removal makes for a personalized seating configuration whereby crew members can increase their level of virus isolation by using only their own covers.

Genuine sheepskin top cover provides additional comfort and easy removal. Icarus Photo


  • Made from genuine sheepskin for super comfort;
  • Complies with COVID-19 health and other safety protocols in order to allow for full disinfecting and cleaning;
  • Easy installation and removal means you can take it with you for complete disinfecting / cleaning;
  • Machine washable to ensure convenience in maintenance and cleanliness
  • Can be made to fit most standard seat designs/configurations;
  • fits most aircraft types;
  • Prolongs life of the seat by reducing wear and tear

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