IKHANA announces Canadian approval of DHC-6 high power STC

IKHANA Aircraft Services (IKHANA) announces continued market expansion of its DHC-6 Twin Otter product line with Transport Canada Civil Aviation and European Aviation Safety Agency approval of the RWMI DHC-6-100HP/-200HP.

IKHANA’s RWMI DHC-6-100HP/DHC-6-200HP STC, which is now through certification validation in Europe and Canada, provides more horsepower via a PT6A engine change. IKHANA Photo

The supplemental type certificate (STC) is an approved performance enhancement for the DHC-6-100/-200 series, replacing the original PT6A-20 engines with PT6A-27 or -34 series

With authorization to operate at 50 PSI (620 SHP) of available torque, the modification provides improved performance especially under hot day high pressure altitude conditions. The RWMI
DHC-6-100HP/-200HP matches the available power of a DHC-6-300 series but differs from IKHANA’s RWMI DHC-6-200HG STC by keeping the original maximum take-off weight (MTOW) at 11,579 pounds (5252 kilograms). IKHANA’s RWMI DHC-6-200HG STC provides increased power and a MTOW up to 12,500 pounds (5,670 kg).

“By expanding approval of our product line we can offer more DHC-6-100/-200 operators the benefits of our upgrades to maximize performance,” stated John Zublin, president and CEO of IKHANA. “This upgrade facilitates improved utility and increased value to the airframe, keeping with our mission to help our customers to be successful by offering optimized solutions.”


“The breadth of our PT6A engine and services portfolios open up new opportunities for our customers,” said Nicholas Kanellias, vice president, General Aviation, Pratt & Whitney Canada. “IKHANA Aircraft Services has found continued success in developing programs that extend the useful life of aircraft with PT6A engine upgrades, one of the major improvements that enable the
life extension. We’re delighted that operators of DHC-6-100/-200 series aircraft have this new option to keep them in flight for many more years.”

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