Inter Aero and True North Aero offer repaired forward nacelle door struts

Inter Aero in partnership with True North Aero have announced they are now offering repaired forward nacelle door struts for DHC-8-400 series aircraft.

Inter Aero and True North Aero are able to repair P/N A3534-4 door struts, enabling operators to extend the lives of their door struts. Inter Aero Photo

The newly issued process RDA, Q-RA19-023, allows P/N A3534-4 door struts to be repaired enabling operators to extend the lives of their door struts while saving the cost and lead time of acquiring new ones.

The approval was obtained in collaboration with MPDAR. Michael Petsche, Transport Canada Design Approval Representative and founder of MPDAR, said, “I was happy to be selected by the True North / Inter Aero team for this project. True North Aero’s experience with certification made my job much easier. ”

Jonathan Francki, president of True North Aero found the certification support was excellent: “Mike’s continued support of our replacement part and component repair product lines has been really productive; he continues to tailor his lean certification processes to our needs, and continues to be highly responsive to project issues and needs.”


Inter Aero Inc. provides manufacturing, maintenance, and sales of the replacement latches, in addition to its existing maintenance and manufacturing offerings.

Colin Kearney, owner and president of Inter Aero was pleased with the speed and quality of the development and certification efforts: “This approval complements expands our repair and overhaul capabilities to cover the common issues with DHC-8 engine access doors, which enables us to deliver overhauled doors more quickly and at a lower cost than we could in the past.”

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