New fund honours the first female Canadian soldier killed in combat

True Patriot Love Foundation (TPL) has announced the launch of the Capt Nichola Goddard Fund, which will provide essential programs for servicewomen, female veterans and their families.


Goddard was killed at age 26 during an ambush west of Kandahar, Afghanistan, on May 17, 2006. She was the first female Canadian soldier to die in a combat role.

TPL will work with her family to continue Goddard’s legacy, benefiting military families across the country.

Canso Investment Counsel Ltd., a long-time supporter of True Patriot Love, made a gift of $200,000 to this fund in late October.

“We are honoured that the Goddard family has asked True Patriot Love to set up and manage a fund in Nichola’s name–a fund that will remind us of Nichola’s legacy and her love for her fellow soldiers. Nichola reminds us that all people should have an equal opportunity to make for themselves the lives they wish to have,” said Bronwen Evans, chief executive officer of True Patriot Love Foundation.


“The Capt Nichola Goddard Fund will continue Nichola’s legacy and support women during and after their service. Caring for her troops in the field and when they came home was incredibly important to Nichola, and we’re excited to partner with True Patriot Love on this initiative moving forward,” said Sally Goddard, Nichola’s mother.

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